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Tools to Help You Quit Smoking


Finding Your Triggers
What are common triggers for smoking and how do you defeat them?


Fears About Quitting
What are common fears about quitting and how do you overcome them?


Quit Calendar
Calendar for recording your first thirty Freedom Days!


The Butt Stops Here Contract
Contract for your Quit Day.


Common Pitfalls for New Non-Smokers
What are the common pitfalls you might encounter after you stop smoking, and how can you overcome these pitfalls

Chemicals Identified in Tobacco Products
There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco products.

Health Effects
Smoking can harm you in many ways.

Product, benefits, drawbacks. 

Reasons for Quitting
Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking.

What kind of smoker are you?
What do you get out of smoking?

Your quiz score
To score your quiz... 

Practice being a non-smoker
Mess it up!

Practice being a non-smoker (cont')
Say Yes! 

The 6 "D's"
The 6 D's are tips that quitters say helped them a lot.

Coping with withdrawal
When you quit smoking, you can experience both physical and emotional symptoms.

Distractions for when cravings hit
There is no way around it - cravings are going to hit.

Emotional triggers
Make a plan for what you need to do when you experience emotional triggers.

Emergency plan
Plan ahead and prepare yourself in the event of an emergency.

H.A.L.T. Principle
Hungry, angry, lonely, tired...

Stay tuned in & talk back
Even though you are moving ahead in the что такое фсс, you have to stay tuned in to that "little devil" inside of you who tries to talk you into smoking again.

Oops! I slipped!
Don't slip. 

The truth about smoking and weight
Here's the bad news...Here's the good news...


What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking