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teamwork20handsOur Team

  • Department Director and Program Manager, who coordinate budgets, grant writing, outreach deliverables and evaluation.
  • Full time and part time Outreach Specialists who work directly with healthcare providers to provide on-site training and public health detailing.
  • Direct Cessation Services Coordinator who coordinates The Butt Stops Here cessation program in the community and on-site at local businesses and coordinates The Courage to Quit cessation program for homeless shelter residents.

 All of staff members may be reached by phone at (518) 459-2550.

Healthy Schools New York covers a 5 county area in the Capital District and works with schools to ensure that they are compliant with NYS Guidelines and regulations regarding comprehensive policy implementation for nutrition and physical education. 

The grant is run by a Program Coordinator who may be reached at (518) 459-2499.

The Pediatric Obesity Prevention program covers 8 counties in the Greater Capital Region and works with pediatric and family healthcare providers to ensure implementation of the какие документы нужны для временной регистрации for treating and preventing pediatric obesity.

The grant is run by a Program Coordinator and a Project Assistant and both may be reached at (518) 459-2499.