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Our Partners


The New York State Tobacco Control Program (NYS TCP), envisions all New Yorkers living in a tobacco-free society and works aggressively to reduce the morbidity and mortality and alleviate the social and economic burden caused by tobacco use in New York.  The NY TCP is part of the National Tobacco Control Program and implements tobacco control strategies consistent with the CDC’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs


Community-Based Programs


Community Partnerships

Community partnerships work to change the community environment to support the tobacco-free norm. Partnerships...

  • Engage local stakeholders; 
  • Educate community leaders and the public; and
  • Mobilize the community to strengthen tobacco-related policies to


Youth Action Programs

Youth action programs train youth to become activists in the movement to change community norms regarding tobacco use. These programs engage middle- and high school-aged youth in activities aimed at deglamorizing and de-normalizing tobacco use in their communities.


Cessation Centers

Cessation centers work with health-care organizations and providers to implement systems to screen patients for tobacco use and prompt providers to offer advice and assistance to quit.